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There is a different energy all around us today. Everyone is smiling, rushing, trying to complete many things at the same time; children are screaming with excitement, high on sugar perhaps, bouncing like tennis balls, talking about many, many things they are going to do very soon, some have been on a trip outside in this rather drizzly day in London. Yes……….…….it is the last day of this academic year, time to say goodbye for now to our little bunch and time for some downtime for the hard-working staff members. But of course, I have missed it, as usual, because I had to leave early for a hospital appointment.

Whilst I am waiting for the tube, sitting at the platform, in this crazy windy day, I am thinking about this year.  I am thinking so much has changed this year, so many things started, so many things finished; so many experiences good and bad, so much hard work, tears, laughter, friends, drinks, long nights……….no not drinking, but working. But what stands out is the experience of working with kids, it’s just incomparable!!  I remember for a long time I didn’t know what I wanted to do in life, I was searching myself and one day I found myself working with children, special ones. Oh no, they are special………. they are the ones who taught me to smile through everything in life. They showed me how it is to be resilient, to fall and get up and play again, to cry just like them, but then to also forget and move on, to look forward to new things, little things; to laugh at the silliest things, and most of all to laugh at myself, just like when I made a mistake in my session and my 7 years old student said to me, ‘Silly Miss Mayuri!! Miss Mayuri made a mistake, it’s okay.

I remember asking my mother, who by the way has been a head teacher for 10 years and teacher probably all her life, why she cared so much for her kids? (!!) I asked her, why she stayed long hours at school practising drama with the kids, why she cried when her students scored highest marks all over the state, why they treated her like a god!! I remember saying to her, you love your students more than you love me and your son. And she would say nothing, just smile. Now I know Ma, I know how it feels. I have only been working for few years but how can I forget how much these kids have taught me.

How can I forget things they say, - ‘ Miss Mayuri, OT is the most favourite thing I like in the school’.

Miss Mayuri, you are okay you know, but you make me eat things I don’t like, but you are okay, you are not bad.
Miss, look how high I can jump, I am a SPIDERMAN.
Miss, look I can blow a balloon now, YAY!!
Miss, I hate handwriting, why I have to write.
Miss, did I do well? I can tie my shoelaces now, will you give me a marble J
Miss, why I have to leave OT only because I have grown up now, why can’t I stay here?

I feel the need today to say that, I am so lucky to have found something I love and feel passionate about. All these kids will grow up one day and I will meet new kids and hope that many, many memories will be made, good and bad, bitter and sweet, challenging but satisfying that I tried my best to help them. With this thought I continued my journey to the hospital and will continue in life.


Mayuri Tokekar MSc OT, PG Dip International Health Management

Highly Specialist Occupational Therapist

Certified Yoga Instructor (BWY)

London, UK

Core Series
Yoga and Autism

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