At Kidspire, therapy is goal - directed and bespoke to clients. The expert Occupational therapist (OT) will develop a home or school programme based on the client needs and parent/caregiver’s guidance. If an assessment was carried by our OT, then the report will guide programme objectives.

Some programmes may include -

  • Gross motor skills development programme
  • Fine motor skills development programme
  • Handwriting development programme
  • Social skills development programme
  • Eating and feeding programmes
  • Functional skills development programme

Our expert OT will provide regular home visits, liaison with Occupational Therapy assistants, parents, teachers and other staff members working with the child to advise, monitor progress and update programmes.

The OT is able to provide assistance in preparing formal reports for EHCP, tribunals and annual reviews. Further the OT can assist in finding resources and therapy material to continue therapy in many different environments in addition to home and school.




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