Welcome to Kidspire

An independent paediatric Occupational Therapy service based in London.

Kidspire OT
Kidspire OT
Kidspire OT
Kidspire OT
Kidspire OT
Kidspire OT
Kidspire OT

Conditions We Support

Autism Spectrum Disorder
Down Syndrome
Developmental Delays
Picky Eaters
Learning Difficulties

Therapeutic Programmes/ Approaches

Sensory based approaches
Behaviourally oriented OT input
Motor skills development through play
Fine motor skills groups
Handwriting groups
Yoga therapy for children with special needs

Kidspire is a paediatric Occupational Therapy Service integrating mind-body practices such as Yoga and mindfulness into therapy.

It is founded and directed by Mayuri Tokekar who is a HCPC registered Occupational Therapist practicing for over 10 years and currently holds a diploma in teaching yoga (500 hours) from British Wheel of Yoga (BWY), London.

At Kidspire, our mission is to bring endless opportunities for kids to thrive and discover their aspirations overcoming challenges which come with life.

A space which is boundless and seamless when it comes to the development of each individual's potential.

An assessment, whether in the form of a screening (short and broad) or detailed (specific and in-depth) is a starting point of any therapy process. This helps the therapist and everyone working with the person as well as the person them self, recognise the barriers in life impacting their ability to achieve personal goals.

The next step after assessment is intervention, which is bespoke and closely monitored. This may be in the form of 1:1 session, group sessions, parent/caregiver/staff coaching, home programmes and or school programmes.

Therapeutically, it provides a baseline to provide a starting point in this journey.

We strive to support the person, families, and professionals by integrating evidence-based practices in therapy. These include behaviour analysis, sensory based interventions, Yoga and mindfulness.





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